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Across all business areas, haprotec uses individually adapted robot solutions to keep its automation solutions up to date with the latest technology. With our in-house developers and applicators, we implement qualitative and reliable solutions for our customers. In addition, we can respond to the wishes of our customers when choosing the robot manufacturer and, in addition to classic portal and 6-axis robots, also offer collaborative robotics.


Complemented by customer-specific gripping systems, a variety of handling tasks can be efficiently represented.


Depending on the layout of your production, we can offer you robot solutions as an inline or stand-alone variant, as a closed cell, with a protective fence or collaboratively.

The choice of linear robot, Skara or articulated arm strongly depends on the type of task, the cycle time and the product variance.

Precisely coordinated vision solutions and other sensor systems enable the implementation of numerous processes.


Gripping systems


Adapted to your products and on request with fully automatic change systems and particularly gentle on the product.

From injection molded parts from medical technology to electrical contacts in e-mobility, we design our gripper solutions according to your specifications.

Please contact our experts for feasibility analysis or advice.

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