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Industry 4.0

holistic production facilities


Flexible networking is the key to our customers' competitiveness and to the future of Europe as a global production location. The classic automation of processes promotes networking at the hardware level, while planning and trace software digitally maps production systems.

Our aim is to be able to fully support our customers. With our in-house software development and our products, we are able to offer customer-specific, holistic networking solutions and at the same time expand the flexibility of our customers.


# Machine safety   # Asset management   # Material management   # Process management

# Service management   # Product management   # Quality management

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# Route control

# MES connection

# API interface

# Plant visualization

# Program management

# Notification system

# User management (multilingual)

# Traceability

Central control system (ZLS)


The central control system (ZLS) is used to control, monitor and visualize production plants. Thanks to the open API interface, all higher-level trace systems can be connected and the data of all process stations can be visualized.

Process states can be communicated in real time via the multilingual user administration and the integrated reporting system.

Program management and route control can be accessed at any time to optimize production.

Feel free to contact us to find out more.


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RFID and barcode / DMC form the basis for communication within Production 4.0. haprotec is able to access and expand all existing communication systems.

Process and trace data can be collected and forwarded by writing and reading tags. Based on this data, decisions can be made about the travel of workpieces, for example to repair stations or further process stations.

Stand-alone & inline

As the degree of automation increases, so does the need for networking process machines or stations. haprotec can rely on a large number of stand-alone & inline solutions that have already been implemented. From the connection of height-adjustable process workstations to all common types of conveyor belts , via workpiece handling by robot , to driverless transport systems (AGVs) that move flexibly between the stations.

Based on your production layouts, we work out the best solution together.

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