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safe in motion

part by part - stack by stack


An effective and reliable material flow is the basis for every modern production line. The supply of parts in the specified cycle times and the efficient change of trays is just as essential as careful handling of the products.

Palettierer an Rundtakt

Palettierer an Rundtakt

With grippers tailored to your products, we guarantee careful and efficient stacking.

Depending on the space, cycle time and product variance requirements, we are able to choose from various portal or articulated arm solutions.

With our machine and plant control systems, we are also able to record process data, collect trace data and transfer information to higher-level MES systems.


Tray sizes of up to 400 x 600 mm can be traded in the standard. A stack height of 800 mm can also be realized safely. A tray can easily have a maximum weight of 10 kg.


As a special machine builder, we are always able to respond to your individual requirements and expand the dimensions of our solutions.


Feel free to contact us.

Depending on the concept, the material supply and discharge can be linear, parallel or vertical.


Buffer belts and flexible reloading solutions, such as docking stations for driverless transport systems, can be implemented in accordance with the specified system autonomy.


Please contact us at any time to develop your individual solution.

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