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safe in motion

accompanied by the best support

assistance systems

The quality of a modern workplace is largely measured by its ergonomics and flexibility.
haprotec develops workplaces that are both  - and much more.

Unlike conventional workplaces, we rely on assistance systems for our customers that are perfectly tailored to the process to be managed. We are convinced that people must be given the best possible conditions in modern and flexible production in order to be able to fully exploit their potential.

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Head-Up Display



User-guided assembly instructions, by projecting THT components into the operator's field of vision

# Reduction in placement time

# Changeover time reduction

# increasing product quality


pick by light



Wireless & highly flexible optical instructions, as support for manual assembly or THT assembly

# Pick error avoidance

# unique flexibility

# unlimited modularity





42 megapixel camera - enables holistic placement control of THT components

# direct error detection

# Cost reduction

# Integrated HUD control




We are happy to design your workplaces according to your requirements and ideas. We can implement other manual, semi-automated or fully automated applications such as screws, nest recognition or labeling & identification at any time. We draw on experience with a large number of well-known manufacturers or implement the models you require in your solutions.


Please feel free to contact our applicators.

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