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fully automatic permanent magnet motor assembly

In the classic system concepts for the fully automated production of motors, the magnets are only magnetized after they have been placed on the rotor. There are numerous challenges that arise with this concept.

• higher process costs, especially with higher product variance

• poor process stability due to complex magnetization stations

• no magnetization of small magnets

• poor magnetization in the edge area of ​​the magnets


haprotec has developed and patented a process to be able to placemagnetized magnets fully automatically. Our process utilizes the existing magnetic force during the placement process rather than work against it. This technology has clear advantages for engine production.

Process stability & -costs - outsourcing the process of magnetization

Flexibility - cost-effective production of high engine variance on one system

Expansion - cost-effective production expansion of new engine models

Quality - higher quality end products

All processes of the assembly are fully automated. The plasma cleaning of the magnet, the dispensing of the glue, visually checking the adhesive track and then placing the magnet on the rotor.

Optionally, process and plant status data can be collected, visualized and passed on to higher-level MES or trace systems.


The permanent magnets can be assembled on two different machine models. The high-speed system XTS combines flexibility and expandability, while the classic rotary mode can be designed to be more space-efficient.


Depending on the system concept, the machine can also be designed as a stand-alone or inline variant.

The basis for the successful, fully automatic handling of permanent magnets is created by the individual holders for rotors and magnets. Depending on the variance of your products, we can develop different mounts for rotors and magnets to make the assembly as flexible as possible.

The changing of the receiver can be carried out fully automatically or manually.


haprotec assembly- & test laboratory

Laborstation Ausschnitt 2.jpg

Our in-house laboratory allows us to test the setting of your magnets as part of the first feasibility analysis. We invite you to carry out individual tests with our application engineers.

Alternatively, you can also send us your individual samples and we will carry out the tests for you.