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rotary cycle & high-speed solutions

Automation is the key to securing and expanding Europe as an attractive production location in the long term. The degree of automation varies from process to process, from product to product and certainly also from customer to customer. It is our aim to be able to offer our customers a tailor-made automation solution. For this we use different solutions and modules from mechatronics and software development, which are strongly based on the specified cycle time and autonomy.


In addition to classic production lines, we also offer rotary cycle or high-speed cells that are fully tailored to your processes.


Feel free to contact us and we will work out the right solution for your production.



rotary cycle


The number of processes within a machine or system, in combination with the required number of pieces, largely determine the basic concept. It can be economical to choose a rotary cycle solution with just two processes.


In addition to fully automated rotary cycle solutions with loading via palletizing systems or robots, we also implement efficient semiautomatic or manual rotary cycles.


When choosing the components, we only rely on high-quality suppliers.


high-speed solutions


High-speed systems such as the XTS from Beckhoff combine the advantages of linear and rotary cycle solutions. The freedom of design and the flexibility of the moveable movers result in completely new approaches to handling tasks. In addition, cycle times can be optimized, product variants can be traded more efficiently and process stations can be easily expanded due to the increased degrees of freedom.

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